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[From the sound of it the communicator shocks him when he picks it up, but he ignores it.]

What the hell is going on now?

...hey. What ever happened to the reindeer, damnit?


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Kitt [ki2k]
Bayonetta [spanking_angels]
Apollo [bringsthelight]
Eros [lovessweetbait]
Eros [lovessweetbait]

004 [] He's the prince of circumstance.


I want a pony for Christmas.

I want my chip taken out. Wouldn't that be a nice gift? Then I could give eeeeeeeveryone else something even better!

Aside from that, I want a ton of chocolate bars, gummy bears, sour straws, and other assorted candy. And I mean a ton literally.

I want a new mattress for my bed and flannel sheets. The good kind! It's damn cold in this place. Speaking of cold, some new clothes with lots of jackets included.

A jacuzzi.

A lamborghini.

No wait, an Ariel Atom. Hells yeah!

My own private jet.

I want a pendant for Castiel.
[Insert drawing of this symbol here.] Pure silver works best.

A wooden stake for Dean. I'm sure he wishes it worked. ♥

Oh, and my dog! Damn thing is liable to bite someone's hand off without me around.

Think you can handle that, Santa? Come on. It ain't even that hard of a list.


[reference] verses

Verse Name || Where it takes place || Description

Normal || Everywhere/Anywhere || Gabriel is taken from after his death in 5.19 "Hammer of the Gods" and is a resurrected archangel through what can only be assumed God's will though since He didn't make an appearance the answer is technically unknown. (Gabriel assumes it had to be Him under the belief no one else could possibly have the kind of power to bring him back just the way he was before--but even he has his doubts. Mostly: why?) He pretends to be Loki most places he goes, especially since he loves to still hang out with the gods. Avoids angels but sometimes caves and approaches them without tricks. Sometimes uses the name "Skip" around oblivious humans.

Bullet in a Bible [BIAB] || Takes place in the future based on 5.04 "The End" || For Gabriel this doesn't mean much change. In fact, it doesn't mean any change at all for him. The archangel zaps himself in and out of this future at will and retains all of his memories from every other 'normal' occasion of his existence. Oh, and Cas gave him a kitten to take care of. It's name is Cassie.
Played with: Castiel, Chuck, Dean, Fred

Obliviousness is Bliss [OIB] || Takes place in/around the college seen in 2.15 "Tall Tales" || Also taking post his death in 5.19, the archangel is back from the dead--with no memories of his previous existence. Brought back, his real nature suppressed and hidden, and stripped of his true memories, he thinks of himself as Gabriel "Skip" Christiansen. A janitor of eight six years at the local college. Just another guy. A mere human. This is what he thinks. Anyone with the right amount of power could Look at him and see his angelic Grace just sitting there, untouched, being unused, and oddly muted in nature. Gabriel is unaware of this, and most certainly cannot--or will not--use his powers. Though he has always healed faster than normal... and he always felt...different... but hey. Doesn't everybody at some point in their life?
He won't recognize anyone inside of this verse. He does have a dog named Fenrir--it came with the name already attached, he says--and calls it "Fenny" for simplicity. He doesn't think anything of his unusually spacious and nicely decorated apartment despite his low paygrade. It just. always was that way. Don't ask.
You know, there's a reason [Dad wiped the dinosaurs out and created you guys out of mud] those creatures were wiped off the face of the planet back home. And I don't remember saving a few--even in one of my pocket dimensions--so you fuck-ups really shouldn't be allowed to mess with time. Or genetics. Either way. You're going to hurt yourselves. Again.

[He gives up on that pointless speech and just shakes his head.]

In other completely unrelated news--HEY REINDEER. What was your name, Lambchop? Rudolph is festive enough, let's go with that. Rudolph the hospital reindeer. Hey, say it with a lisp and it's almost kinda catchy...

I got a proposition for ya.

This chip thing has to go and I hear you're the go-to guy for getting it gone. I do have powers and in return for this little favor I can grant you one wish. Anything you want, buck-o. Name it and it's yours just as soon as you get this funky thing outta me.

So whadda ya say? We got a deal? And if I gotta wait a month I will but sheesh...
[Looks like someone discovered the human condition known as sleep. The Trickster is laid out on his side for all intents and purposes dead to the world. Anyone in Marshall 301/2 might have noticed he's been this lethargic lump on the bed for the past 48 hours or so. Also that he was gone for half of Sunday and when he returned is when he shut himself in his room and became very oddly quiet. Now he's asleep when the device turns itself on.

He appears to be wrapped up in one of the snuggies (zebra print!) that appeared during Halloween--only he wasn't here for Halloween. There is also a rather alarming amount of candy wrappers strewn across the bed with the Trickster. Someone has also discovered the very human reaction of a tummy ache due to too many sweets in a short period of time.

He groans and rolls over and that's when his hand slaps across the device--which, none-too pleased, decides to reward the Trickster with a hilariously ironic prank
ZZZAP that instantly wakes the pagan god with a start and a yelp.]

Gods be damned... Mother fucker--!

[He throws the device across the room where it hits the wall with a heavy THUNK and bounces onto the floor, turning off on the second tumble.]
Whoooo, boy. And ol’ Luci thought I was slumming it before I wound up in this place. Who the hell did the decorating in this wanna-be hellhole? No, wait, don’t tell me—it’s another post-apocalyptic world with way too few people still hanging around in it. Am I right, or am I right?

[A sigh.] I mean, seriously. One Apocalypse wasn't enough? Am I supposed to fix this one too? Come on, I can't be made to fix everything for them!

[The speaker then goes quiet for some odd amount of time. His voice is softer and less flamboyant when it returns.]


So this is how it's gonna be, huh? All right. I’ll play human. I won’t like it, but I’ll give it a good ol’ try. Hey, if I’m lucky—I might even be able to manage to make it back Home, huh? [He laughs humorlessly to himself.]

I hope you’re happy, Dean.